Dear Fellow Young Democrats,

I'm proud to write to you for a second time as President of the Greater New Haven Young Democrats to present my goals for the year.

GNHYD is going to act much differently in 2017 than it did in 2016, and hopefully you've already seen some of the changes. In the early weeks of 2017, we have already cosponsored a community conversation, endorsed a local candidate for a special election, and volunteered to help maintain a majority in the Connecticut House of Representatives.

2017 is going to be about action.

Throughout the year, my goal is to sponsor and cosponsor a substantial number of events to provide GNHYD members with the opportunities they are looking for. In the coming weeks, we will be furthering our efforts to help Dorinda Borer win a seat in the General Assembly, hosting community forums for local elected officials, and working to bring more young people together.

The Executive Board is working to develop two major Spring events:

1. A launch seminar where local experts will speak on a variety of hot topics. My goal is to boost knowledge on what the public needs to know, attract individuals to GNHYD, and to raise money to be used in future months once campaign season is in full swing.

2. A training day where individuals can learn everything and anything there is to know about running for office, running a campaign, and working on a campaign. We'll be inviting elected officials and campaign experts to speak. We need more candidates and more volunteers.

Come campaign season, my goal is to be able to provide candidates with the bodies they need. Matt Matis, my Endorsement Coordinator, has a tough task ahead. But he is up for it and off to a great start so far with the 115th State Representative special election. The Executive Board will be dedicating numerous hours to volunteering, and I hope our membership follows our lead.

Very importantly, we need effective ways to communicate what we're doing.

We have traditionally used our Facebook group to publicize news and events, which works well at times. Our email list is growing, but inboxes are inundated with alerts, invites, and asks. For the past few weeks, the Executive Board has been testing Slack, an app that will help us communicate in real time with members. In the next week or two, you will be invited to join our Slack channel.

Never forget that we can make a difference. "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time," said President Obama. "We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." I look forward to a very productive and effective year.


Benjamin Klein

GNHYD Endorses Borer for State Representative

New Haven -- The Greater New Haven Young Democrats endorsed Dorinda Borer for State Representative (West Haven) on Wednesday, January 25th.

Executive action was taken by President Benjamin Klein due to the timing of the February 28th special election after consulting with the Executive Board.

"Whether it's the fight for a living wage or increasing opportunities for students, Dorinda Borer has shown to be a Progressive who invests in young people and working families," said Matthew Matis, GNHYD Endorsement Coordinator, who interviewed Borer on behalf of the organization. "It is because of this that GNHYD is proud to endorse her for State Representative."

GNHYD will be volunteering for Borer in the upcoming weeks to inform as many voters as possible of the special election and the reasons to vote in favor of the Democrat. For specific information on volunteering opportunities, please visit our Events page. You can also contact Matthew Matis with questions or concerns via email or at 203-449-0362.

GNHYD Elects 2017 Executive Board

New Haven -- The Greater New Haven Young Democrats elected its 2017 Executive Board on Tuesday night at the organization's final meeting of the year.

The 2017 Executive Board is as follows:

  • President: Benjamin Klein (incumbent)
  • Vice President: Patrick Madley (incumbent)
  • Treasurer: Joe Miller (incumbent)
  • Membership Coordinator: Laura Puopolo (current Secretary)
  • Endorsement Coordinator: Matt Matis
  • Statewide Liaison (Male): Darryl Brackeen, Jr. (incumbent)
  • Statewide Liaison (Female): Jamie Goodner-Bingham
  • Secretary: James Albis

The 2017 Executive Board will be meeting in the next few weeks to outline a definitive plan on how to move the organization forward in a variety of areas, including organizational structure, political affairs and endorsements, membership, and fundraising. Any suggestions or feedback from the general membership should be directed to Ben via email or at 203-214-6999.

GNHYD Endorses DiMassa for State Representative

Hamden -- The Greater New Haven Young Democrats officially endorsed Michael DiMassa for State Representative (West Haven/New Haven) at the organization's August meeting held at TGI Fridays in Hamden on Tuesday, August 30th.

DiMassa, a city employee in West Haven, was endorsed by the West Haven DTC for his primary race against incumbent Louis Esposito, Jr. DiMassa defeated the 12-term Esposito by 22 votes to earn the spot on the ballot in November, going up against Richard DePalma. 

Several members of the GNHYD Executive Board met with DiMassa in West Haven to review his qualifications for endorsement. After a productive meeting that covered a variety of topics, the decision was made to present DiMassa to the general membership at the next meeting.

Speaking to the GNHYD membership Tuesday, DiMassa detailed his background, his primary battle, his plans leading up to Election Day, and also what he hopes to achieve if elected. DiMassa earned the endorsement after a majority of the voting members voted yay.